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grumpy are at it again
« on: April 01, 2016, 03:31:55 PM »
NWA #6

WHEN? SATURDAY 23rd April // 21:00 GMT

Solo players / 2-Man Teams only
As always, gameplay for the event will be 1pp only
Players must be in an Open Play Area at all times. Server messages will keep you up to date, as well as reminders via TeamSpeak.
Players must be in the TS channel by 20:45 for pre-game checks
- All players in-game name must match their forum account name or usual in-game name.
- Does everybody understand the rules and know the boundaries?
- All players decided on a team mate (if they want one)?
Event starts at precisely 21:00; no late entry
Players can attack each other from the start
Winner is last man or team standing
No respawning: Leave the DayZ server and report your death to an Admin on TS.
Reply to this topic by 20:00 GMT, 30 Jan at the latest to sign up for the event.
Players killed by glitches, desync, or by DayZ in general will not be allowed to respawn. Use trucks, landmines, and stairs at your own risk. If the server crashes or resets during the event do not reconnect until given the all clear by an admin.


Stage 1 (Event Start) - Players can join anywhere on the map except within the NWA perimeter wall, which is out of bounds until 22:00, when the Main Stage opens.
Stage 2 (Main Stage) - By 22:15 you must be within the perimeter wall of the NWA. If you are between the wall and the fence, you are out of bounds. Inside the wall is fine, outside of the wall is out of bounds. If you are not inside the NWA perimeter wall by 22:15 you will be disqualified and must immediately leave the server. During this stage the Tent area (defined below) is strictly out of bounds.
Stage 3 (Final Stage) - The image below (looking at the tents from a north-western perspective, with the runways at the top of the image) shows the play area for the Final Stage. You must be inside the sandbag walls, not further west than the most westerly bunker, and not further south than the bunker overlooking the runways. You must be inside the area shown below by 22:45, or you will be disqualified.


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