Author Topic: Battlefield responds to cries against ‘political correctness'  (Read 10023 times)


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Yesterday’s Battlefield V reveal event introduced a ton of new information about game modes, gameplay mechanics, and live services, as well as debuting character customization for the first time in the series.

However, the trailer also created controversy with some of the bigger, um, sticklers in the Battlefield fan community—namely because it featured a woman (gasp!) with a prosthetic arm (double gasp!) fighting in a World War II battle (triple gasp!).

According to these fans, Battlefield V‘s inclusion of a disabled woman fighting on the frontlines during World War II is historically inaccurate and a sign that “political correctness” is compromising the historically accurate standard set by the Battlefield series as a whole.

On an other note they will have cosmetic micro-transactions 

Yeah, whether per item or by way of loot boxes or some other system. Peg legs, hooks, premium face paint, outfits, mowhawks, etc...

I think that's the primary reason they've gone funky punky with the characters.

Update: " However, the game will have in-game microtransactions that will allow players to obtain some cosmetic items, which EA has reiterated are completely separate from gameplay unlocks and are purely cosmetic."

My only questions how prosthetic can i make my character, say if i wanted a character with double hook hands and double peg legs, an eye patch a toupee and a swinging colostomy bag, can i make that happen.

to me it sounds the battlefied series has moved away from the original theme and is now more call of duty / pubg hybrid with conquest mode
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