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Title: What's a good 360mm water cooler for an 1150?
Post by: [TiG]the_syco on March 28, 2020, 03:44:53 PM
Using an Intel stock cooler (LoL), and need to cool my i5-4670k as Warzone is causing CTD when the heat hits 100 degrees :( So I'm wondering what's a good 360mm radiator kit for an 1150 socket?

Prefer to keep under the 150 mark, so thinking of a Corsair H150i (CW-9060031-WW ( or a Corsair H115i PRO ( But would prefer a kit that I can upgrade later when I upgrade the CPU (it's 7 years old).

I have a CoolerMaster Mastercase 5, and looking at the photos here (, it'll take a 360mm at the front.