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Title: Battlefield Vietnam Clan Server 2020 - Gamespy
Post by: [TiG]ABE on May 26, 2020, 10:18:52 PM

Looking to Play Battlefield Vietnam in after the Gamespy servers closed down.

We have hosted a UK Battlefield Vietnam Server in 2020 to keep the game alive.

We host all the required files needed to install battlefield Vietnam v1.21 Including the no CD crack and patch needed to play on windows 10+
If you want to play simply visit. Download Battlefield Vietnam v1.21 (   from our website.

And follow the instructions.

Download : Battlefield Vietnam 1.21 no install needed.7z

Note: To play Battlefield Vietnam online you will need a CD Key. To enter the cd key into the game simple go to the following directory

Battlefield Vietnam > eReg > Battlefield Vietnam_code ( run as administrator )
Enter your own CD key.

Then simply start the game by clicking the battlefieldvietnam.exe

To join a server simply chose
Multiplay > Internet > Add Server

Our server details: ( will be active until I state in this post that the server is removed )

Title: Re: UK EUROPE Battlefield Vietnam Server 2020 - Gamespy
Post by: [TiG]the_syco on May 28, 2020, 05:38:49 PM
Here's a guide on how to install it;