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In [TiG] we offer a fun, structured gaming environment for all of our members.

All of our game divisions hold regular events once a week. Our field leaders work hard to prepare exciting tournaments, competitions and events, so you can rest assured that your fellow division members will show up! 

Many of our divisions also compete in external competitions/ladders. In addition, the training staff of your division constantly work on new ways to help you improve your game!  

[TiG]is not like other gaming clans. In fact, we consider ourselves a gaming community. The difference is the commitment our members and leaders make to [TiG] as a whole. 

Many of our members join [TiG] and stay for years when they realize they can't find consistently competitive and fun games every week in another group. In many cases, as support for games dwindles, [TiG] continues to be strong month after month, year after year.

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