Author Topic: steve g gets nicked  (Read 1138 times)


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Re: steve g gets nicked
« Reply #30 on: May 25, 2007, 10:23:45 PM »
Milan score first goal

milan score the second goal

liverpool fans charging milan fans

hundreds of cans thrown at fan

Ticketless Liverpool fans stabbing their own in the back by storming the stadium

The last link is probably the worst for me.They showed utter contempt for the lives lost in hillsborough there...


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Re: steve g gets nicked
« Reply #31 on: May 27, 2007, 07:03:08 AM »
I watched this in mallorca,was so close to buying a 10e Ac milan top to watch it in the pub.i chickened out with the amount of scousers in the resort,thought i would have got fly kicked to be honest,so i stuck on my Man Utd top (with pride mind you).

on the way to watching the match i bumped and walked past stacks of  scousers shouting abuse & singing Anti mancunian songs everywhere !!,
Half of them i couldnt understand as they were real scousers !!!
90 minutes later after going into a pokey pub in the arse of alcudia the same "we're gonna win it 6 times" "champions of europe" etc singing liverpudlians were head in hands and as quiet as an alter boy realizing Father Quinns "see how far my thumb can go" was not a game,were as quiet as can be !

To be honest i felt Liverpool were hard done by as the 1st goal was a clear handball,and the ref should have gave liverpool freekicks left right & center throughout the match.also milan should not have been there after match fixing !
but as a Utd fan .....i did feel smart coughing *milan* past all the funeral like fans ... but really i thought Liverpoool deserved the trophy !!

Sorry the pool lost Ranger,but im sure you had a match you'll never forget !!!
wish i was there myself !


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