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« on: September 06, 2018, 04:41:08 PM »
As we are now in August, we wanted to update you on the closed beta that was due to start this month. The bad news is that the closed beta will not be starting in August. In fact, it will not be starting at all. However, we have something planned that is even better...
No beta, gameplay pushed back to September 20th. Sounds like the 1000 player servers are not happening as planned :P
Initial Release: v0.0.1 (20th September)
Our Initial release will be testing the core loops of the game, as well as core aspects of the map design, shooting and the drop-in system.

Our First Rapid Update: v0.0.2 (27th September)
Initial tracking system and in-game objectives (starting with a single objective type). Some games will have objectives, others won't. We'll collect data from all games to see the impact of each of these features.

Our First Core Update: v0.1.0 (October / November)
After a number of rapid updates introducing new gameplay mechanics, we will have our first core update. This will include an early version of The Capital (our social hub), which will replace The Forge menu, along with item storage and the Founders cosmetics.
Although I want to believe this new calendar, so far they've been sh|t at following their own calendar, so am expecting a new excuse closer to the 20th.


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