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Tactics ICC for Abe/Kev
« on: August 07, 2010, 02:18:58 PM »
o/ folks

Have some spare time on my hands, so I thought I'd throw up some of the tactics for ICC. I'll explain them easily and simple, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Lord Marrowgar
Phase 1

From a tanking point of view:

Both tanks need to stand on top of each other  to avoid a cleave
Both tanks need to move left and right to avoid the blue fire
Both tanks need to be top two on threat.

During this first phase, all range dps will be stacked on one person(for example, stack on star) this is to avoid the fires that Lord Marrowgar throws out.
One person will get thrown on top of a spike and it causes damage every few seconds until the spike is nuked. All DPS will nuke the spike asap.

Phaes 2 :

Lord Marrowgar does a whirlwind in Phase 2, while throwing fire around the place, So DPS/Healers have to run away but try to stay in range of other players, so they can  nuke and also heal.

Tanks need to be on alert for when the whirlwind stops to pick up the boss and face him away from raid. Threat RESETS after this phase so DPS need to give tanks a second or two to build threat.

The fight is then rince and repeat from P1 to P2.

Lady Deathwhisper

From a DPS point of view I don't know much but I can give the general idea of the fight.

Phase 1:

Adds will spawn on the left hand side, tanks will pick them up and DPS will nuke them. Certain adds canno't be killed by melee/range, but I'm not sure which, but tbh the adds are ez mod now so should be a problem.

When the adds are dead, DPS Has to nuke the shield on the Boss. The shield on the boss is his Mana bar, when that gets to 0 the shield disappears and so we have the nuke the boss( thats phase 2).

In P1 Ideally we want over 20+ secs to nuke the bosses shield. After the 20sec of nuking the shield are up, adds spawn on the right.

Adds in P1 will always go -left-right-left-right- untill the shield is downed.

P.S: Stay out of green shit on the ground, it does alot of damage.

Phase 2:

The shield has now disappeared and we start by nuking Lady Deathwhisper.  She does a frostbolt which slows the raid down, ideally this should be interuppeted so we don't get it, as if you get the slow movement and are standing the green shit, high chance that you will die.

Tanks kite Lady Deathwhisper around the room- this is because ghosts come around the raid and if the ghosts hit you they hit for 7k+ iirc.

Lady Deathwhisper does a debuff on tanks which reduces their threat by 10% per stack, e.g 1 stack -10% threat 2 stack -20% threat etc etc.

Tanks will usually swap threat on 1 stack.

Gunship Battle

This is ez mod.

2 DPS get in the gun to shoot the other ship
1 tank jumps over after she freezes are guns, to tank the add. Melee jump over to nuke it.
1 tank stays on our ship always to tank adds. Range DPS /healers stay on our ship.

Rince and repeat.

Deathbringer Saurfang

Saurfang is a cnut.

Tanks will  have to rotate tanking the boss as they get a debuff( can't remember the name)

Deathbringer Saurfang will call forth two adds, we don't want these to hit the group. Tanks do not have to tank them, it's up to the range DPS to nuke them and slow them down and make sure they don't hit people. He calls the adds every 40seconds.
Adds can be stunned, slowed by frost trap, knocked back by druids and shamans, rooted etc.

Deathbringer Saurfang Puts a debuff on somebody causes damage  every so many seconds.

Range DPS/Healers have to spread out by 10 yards /range 10.

Deathbringer Saurfang has blood power, every time we get hit it increases his blood power. His blood power starts and 0 and goes up to 100.

If the adds hit us, it increases. The debuff he puts on us , it increases. The reason we are spread out by /range 10 is because if we are close to another person the debuff hits them too, increasing his rise in blood power and making it harder for the healers.

At 30% he goes into a frenzy, increasing his damage , like a soft enrage.

If his blood power gets to 100( You see his blood power as its under his Hp bar, instead of a mana bar)

He puts a cunt of a debuff on called   Mark of the Fallen Champion

What this does is: Causes Deathbringer Saurfang's melee attacks to splash to this target, inflicting 5,700 to 6,300 additional Physical damage. Cannot be dispelled or removed by any means, including death.

Anybody in the raid can get this, mages can Iceblock to resist the damage for so many seconds, but after Iceblock it's still there, pallys can bubble to resist damage for a few seconds etc etc.  Whoever gets the debuff needs to be constantly healed. Usually a paladin would throw his beacon on them. The later you get this debuff the better as with this debuff his Blood Power increases alot. Ideally we should be getting 1 or not even 1. If people die from this debuff saurfang heals for 5%

Thats the first 4 bosses lads o/

Any questions give me a shout.


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