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GameCon 6 - 300 Man Irish Lan Event
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Hi, We're having our lan in Dublin and thought you guys may be interested, we will be running a 64 Player dedicated server on the day/night for BF/DC :)

GameCon 6 will be held in the City West Conference Centre, Part of the City west hotel. Entry is ?30 if you book online and ?40 if you pay on the day. So save yourself ?10 and book online now. Don?t have access to a credit card? well don?t worry. You can pay be check or postal order by making it payable to Jermain Williams and sending it to:

Jermain Williams
Dialogue Marketing
2-5 Wellington Quay.
Temple Bar
Dublin 2.

Please email me by clicking here if you are sending a cheque or postal order.

What is GameCon?

It?s a 300 seat 24 hour fully networked games party. See, play and win the latest games on all formats before they hit the shops. Meet gamers with a similar passion to your own and play for 24 hours solid. Talk to the people who make the games and have your say on the games of tomorrow.

As always we will have PC and Console competitions with thousand of ?uro?s worth of prizes.
Click here to register!

Date: Saturday 26th of March to Sunday 27th of March
Time: 9am to 9am  
Venue: Citywest Conference Centre, Saggart
Click here for a map and directions

Price: ?40 for PC & Console gamers (?30 if you Pre-Pay Online)

Places: 300

What can you expect?

Well GameCon truly is a multimedia games party, all the major games systems will feature, PC, Xbox, PS2, GameCube, N-Gage and retro classics too.  Competitions will be held on the day with instant prizes for the winners. You also gain point for every Competition game you win. Gain the most point and you walk home with our overall star prize and all the acclaim that goes with it. We will also have fun matches as well. Come for the comps, come for the games or just come to meet other people who share your passions.

What you need to bring:

PC Gamers need to bring their PC and all the standard bits..
Power cables
Network cables (spare ones can always come in handy)
Power strip
General LAN bits

Console Gamers can bring their consoles if they please but dont have to. You should bring a TV if you bring a console. Extra Joypads always come in handy but you should mark them with your name if you bring them.

Games to be played inclued:
BF1942 - Desert combat
BF Vietnam
Half Life 2
Halo 2
Doom 3
Lord of the Rings - The Battle for Middle Earth
Uefa Champions League
Counter Strike Source
Call of Duty
Unreal Tournament 2004
C&C Generals
Warlords Battlecry 3
DefJam Fight For New York (Xbox)
Splinter Cell PT(Xbox)
Dead or Alive Ultimate(Xbox)
Soul Calibur 2 (Xbox)
Project Gotham 2 (Xbox)
Topspin (Xbox)

And much much more.

Book your place now!


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