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Uploaded with

Aboves a screen shot of my UI and raid addons from lastnights icc25man.

ElksBuff bars

Pitbull4 replace's your health bars, party, target and so on. It takes a while to set up the way you like and theres alot of stuff in it to sort but one its done you'll love it.
Iv got mine set up to show my health bar in a small box top left, my target top right corner and my target's target top middle. In a party it shows party members whare you see the leist of 10 players on bottom right.

Elks buff bars is another one that needs a little tweeking once you get it but again i cant raid without it
Buff's with timers in blue and debuffs large and red. You can set it like i have it or even another window for debuffs only some place else on screen.

Omen. This one is a must have lads for raiding, shows threat values for all players in raid on target.You can see the MT was holding the most with me as offtank second on threat there.

Bartender4 This one lets you do almost anything with your bar's . Iv got mine this way because i use a keypad on the left with every bottom on it marco'd to it and the right set for my mouse clicks. You wont see many set up like that im guessing :)

Sexymap, this one lets you do almost as much with the map as bartender dose with action bars. no real need for it, just looks better than standerd set up.

Ice hud. This is one i love, You'll see in the middle of the screen to my bears ass to the left, the green bar is my health and red my rage to the right my targets health. I love this because it keeps a huge amount of info in the middle of the screen. Again alot of options to this guy aswell

And Deadly Boss Mods. The only other must have addon in the list. Its got all the info on boss fights and flashes everything you need to know right in your face, along with boss action's and coldowns. Dont touch this guys, just install it and let it run.


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