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Welcome to The Irish Guard 

The Irish Guard is a Irish gaming community which has been alive since 2004. When an elite team of misfits banded together on boards.ie to form a clan of wild men to play battlefield 1942.

The Irish Guard gaming community started off as a clan playing battlefield 1942 then moved into Battlefield Vietnam in team tournaments such as the clan base ladder leagues which where around in 2004. And competing in open Cup events such as the Battlefield Vietnam European Open Cup which the our team finished 2nd.

Battlefield Vietnam was the game that brought everyone together to play as a team but this game also created a great gaming community within our members. We have had hundreds of members over the last 14+ years,  also the community meet offline to have Lan weekends and attend non [TiG] Lans which have been a great success in the building of the Irish online gaming community. But we just dont play battlefield games....

We are a multi game Irish Gaming Community

We just dont play Battlefield Vietnam infact we have played every battlefield game since battlefield 1942 back in 2004.

  • Irish Battlefield Clan
  • Irish Battlefield 1
  • Irish Bad Company 3 Clan
  • Irish Call of Duty community
  • Irish WoW Guild
  • Irish Dayz gaming  community 
  • Irish GTA5 gaming community
  • Irish Player Unknown Battlegrounds gaming community 
  • Irish Apex Legends gaming community 
  • Irish Anthem gaming community 
  • Irish ARMA gaming community
  • Irish Rocket League gaming community

We have a wide spread of games in our community. For PC and Console so if you are looking for a Irish PS4 gaming Community or a  Irish XBOX ONE gaming Community. Sign up and join us in game. see the following post for more details  Sign Up Now

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